Elliptical cross trainer Australia

Elliptical Trainer Australia: Your Cardio Workout, Covered

Many believe that an exercise routine can never be complete without an efficient cardio workout. So, if you want a low impact, full-body cardio workout right at the comfort of your own home, choose a home gym equipment that does it all – an elliptical trainer. If you want to take your health goals up a notch safely and effectively, trust that Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia can address all that and more!

Why Choose Elliptical Machines?

If you are an avid fan of reality TV shows that tackle body transformations including weight loss, you may have noticed that all of them feature the use of an elliptical trainer. Some of them even showcase the uses and features of this dependable piece of cardio fitness equipment. But if you are planning on building your own health nook at home, have you ever wondered why elliptical machines are one of the most recommended cardio fitness equipment of expert trainers and gym consultants? What does it do, and how does it complement your full-body workout?

Elliptical machines are said to offer an efficient and satisfying cardio exercise while monitoring your workout speed, time, mileage (distance run), level of resistance, and calories burned. Aside from providing a heart-pounding exercise that makes you lose weight, it also offers a full-body workout that makes your muscles, joints, and bones strong, flexible, and toned.

How do You use Elliptical Machines?

To know how to start your fitness journey with an elliptical machine, you should be aware of the different types that you can choose from.

Elliptical Trainer.
When you go to a gym, have you seen an exercise machine that lets you walk on air while stepping on pedals with attached handlebars? This is the elliptical trainer, a kind of elliptical machine that lets you do cardio exercise without causing too much stress or tension on your ankles, legs, and knees. It has oversized pedals that let you replicate walking or hiking stances at home. It also has handlebars that provide not just balance and support, but it also allows you to work on your upper body.

Elliptical Cross Trainer.
If you think that an elliptical machine only has one design and function, you better start thinking again. Another type of machine lets you work out and burn calories while sitting or reclining. Nope, this is not a recumbent stationary bike, although its look may somehow resemble one. An elliptical cross trainer gives you all the benefits of a standard elliptical trainer but gives you better comfort and support since the user remains seated or in a reclined position. If you are planning to get your ideal cardio workout without adding too much strain and tension on your back and lower legs, an elliptical cross trainer is the right fitness gym equipment for you.

Elliptical Glider.
If walking is your passion, but you cannot go outdoors, an elliptical glider is a good option for you. This is a cardio workout machine with lets you ‘walk on air’. It has suspended pedals that let you glide or swing back and forth without putting too much pressure on your lower leg joints, making it a very safe and satisfying low-impact body workout. Elliptical gliders also have adjustable handlebars that will keep you at ease while you work up a sweat.

The way you use your elliptical machines depends on the type that you would choose for your home gym. For elliptical trainers and gliders, all you have to do is to step on the sturdy pedals and walk/climb/hike or swing/glide. With an elliptical cross trainer, you have to sit comfortably on the padded cushion, then place your feet on the pedals in front and start pushing your feet onto the pedals to start your lower body workout. What’s great about these workout machines is that they do not just target the legs, hips, and buttocks as most stationary bikes do. They also provide upper body and core strengthening and definition. How? By allowing you to control your movements using the handlebars. They do not just offer the users a way to balance themselves while doing the body workout, but they also allow you to flex those arm muscles and take over your gliding, walking, or pedalling movements when you have worked out your legs. By simply pushing and pulling the adjustable handlebars that are directly connected to the pedals, you can allow the elliptical machines to strengthen and tone your abs, arms, shoulder, and back muscles.

Other ways to Categorise Elliptical Machines

If you are to look at the way elliptical machines are built and not just their design and usage, yo0u can also categorise them based on how their motor parts are located.

Rear-drive ellipticals. Not all elliptical machines have flywheels, but the oldest design has one, and it is located at the back of this gym equipment. This design makes you have a smooth and safe walking or striding range of motion.

Front-drive ellipticals. Opposite a rear-drive elliptical machine and as implied by their name, front-drive ones have their motors situated in front of the machine. This allows the user to perform better climbing motions, almost resembling the range of motion exercises that you can get from a stair climber or an inclined treadmill.

Centre-drive ellipticals. With the machine motor located on both sides of the right and left pedals, these types are the most compact and space-saving type of the three. Centre-drive elliptical machines offer stability more when the user retains an upright position, letting you step up and down or slightly in a vertical fashion.

Why Choose Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia?

It may be said that as long as you follow an active lifestyle partnered with a healthy and proper diet, your journey to a better you is clear. But, one must be very particular when choosing the best gym machines that would compliment and help them consistently perform their workouts. This is highly recommended especially if you are to choose limited pieces of fitness equipment and accessories for your own home gym. Of course, the size and space allotted for your workout haven are necessary, but most of all, it is the function, benefits, and overall impact of the fitness equipment that you will purchase that will matter. This is where Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia can help you.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia is an up and coming home gym equipment online store that specialises in providing superior-quality elliptical machines that provide the best cardio workout for everyone. Whether you want a heart-pounding full-body workout, or you simply require a regular low-impact cardio exercise, our top-of-the-line brand models from world-renown fitness brands will never disappoint.

Understanding the Importance of Health and Fitness

We are more than just a one-stop-shop for home gym equipment needs. What we know and how we care for our clients speak volumes of our expertise and sincerity when it comes to our mission to spread awareness on how important working out and staying active is, even while inside your own homes. Allow our marketing specialists to get you in contact with our resident fitness and gym consultants so that you can inquire and discuss your workout dilemmas and questions. We will try our very best to provide you with the appropriate and helpful answers, tips, and recommendations that you need.

Promising Superior Quality Products

We want to make sure that all our valued customers get the best out of our online fitness company. The only way we can guarantee your satisfaction and safety is to offer only the best models from fitness brands that have proven their efficiency and excellence when it comes to providing low-impact and stable exercise machines. With Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia, we only partner and carry models from the top brands not just here in the country, but based on the worldwide market.

Making Fitness Goals Accessible and Hassle-Free

Now that the world is becoming more and more unpredictable, staying at home is the best way for you to keep yourself safe and healthy. Most of us who are naturally active individuals would look at this scenario as a remarkable hindrance to our goal to stay fit and healthy since we cannot go and exercise outdoors that much. What we can recommend is to go and join the popular and smart bandwagon of creating your own fitness nook or home gym. Whether it be as small as a corner in your living room or home office, or as spacious as your garage, Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia can surely hook you up with the necessary machines and accessories that you will need to continue your active lifestyle. We can also make sure that the delivery and shipping of your purchases are handled by the best couriers and transport agencies, so you get your items and equipment in tiptop shape, complete with service warranty and repair and maintenance services.

Allowing You to Reach your Health Objectives Without Breaking the Bank

We cannot deny the fact that having your own home gym will cost you a lot of money. Not only are you saving up for your different pieces of body workout and fitness equipment, but you are also going to design and renovate part or parts of your home to accommodate your healthy lifestyle. With that said, Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia wants to help you reach your fitness goals cost-effectively. Not only are we giving you wise recommendations about what body workout machines would best suit your exercise and health needs, but we can also offer you affordable financial payment schemes and plans to make the expenses convenient and hassle-free. No more hesitations about spending too much on not-so-important pieces of gym equipment, since we are here to help you choose which would fit your lifestyle and needs, then letting you reap the benefits without cleaning up your back account.

Have you made your choice to start living active and healthily? You can trust that Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia is here to help you achieve all your fitness goals and dreams. By simply contacting our online store, you can have our sales representatives and gym specialists to help you identify the right home gym equipment that will satisfy your workout demands and needs. By starting to choose one home gym equipment, you can build your entire fitness sanctuary wisely and efficiently. Always remember that your health is the most treasured investment that you should undertake, and the only way to ensure that you are making the best choices is to be guided and partnered up with one of the best gym equipment suppliers in the country, and it is none other than Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia.